WIOA & Training FAQs

What is WIOA?

Where can I sign up for WIOA?

Who is eligible for WIOA services?

What kind of training can I get through WIOA?

How long do I have to complete training?

What happens if I don't finish training?

What are my responsibilities as a WIOA participant?

How much money is available under WIOA?

What is covered under WIOA funds?

Are there any other limitations on WIOA funding?

Do I have to pay WIOA funds back after I complete training?

How do I get started in the WIOA program?

What can I do while I'm waiting for my WIOA Careers 101 Orientation appointment?

What verifications will I need to bring to my WIOA Careers 101 Orientation appointment?

Can I start training before I get approved and then get reimbursed after approval?

What if I decide to change my major or switch training after I have been approved?



What is PRC?

How do I apply for PRC?

What are the general requirements for PRC?

What can PRC help with?

How long is the PRC application process?