There are two types of cash assistance available through Public Assistance.

Crawford County Cash Assistance

Ohio Works First temporary cash assistance (OWF), formerly called Aid to Family and Dependent Children, is a monthly cash grant for families with children or relatives caring for children. The cash grant amount is based on the number of people in your family and your family's income.

If you qualify, OWF will help you get job training, find employment and receive some benefits as long as you are working toward independently supporting yourself and your family.

It is important to note that OWF cash benefits are limited to thirty-six (36) months in a lifetime and do not have to be consecutive. OWF is a temporary tool to help you become independent.

Ohio's Disability Financial Assistance (DFA) program is designed to give some financial support to disabiled individuals with little or no income while they wais for disability income from (Social Security, SSI, Worker's Compensation, etc...) to be approved. This program also comes with medicaid.

If you are approved for DFA, you can receive up to $115 per month and you will also receive a Medicaid card which covers all Medicaid approved medical services. You will be required to sign form Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance Initial Payment.

Ohio Works First

Disability Financial Assistance