Holding Hands

Crawford County Children Services acts as a safeguard for the children living in Crawford County. The mission of Children Services is to protect abused and neglected children and to strengthen families.

Children Services receives reports of alleged child abuse and neglect and then makes decisions regarding the reports. When necessary, the agency works with families to develop a plan and identify services to reduce risk of future abuse or neglect toward the children. When possible children may remain in their home while their family gets the help it needs, if there is little or no risk to the children's safety.

When elevated or high concerns for the safety of the children exist, in some instances it may be warranted to remove children from their homes with the assistance of the juvenile court system. In these circumstances, the agency will help the family to complete its case plan goals in order to reduce the risk of the children to help them reunify with their children. The agency's goal is to reunify the children and parents.