What is Foster Care?Picture of kids

Foster care is an out-of-home placement for children who have been removed from their home and temporary custody of them has been awarded to Children Services by the court system. Foster care is utilized when a suitable relative or non-relative placement is not available or appropriate for the children.

Foster parents provide temporary care for children who are placed in the care of Children Services because of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or unstable family conditions. The goal of foster care is to reunite children with their families once the problems that led to the their removal have been corrected. The role of a foster parent is that of a caregiver and nurturer. The objective of a foster parent is to provide a safe, predictable, caring and structured family environment while acting as a mentor to a child that is, in many cases, anxious to be returned home. Foster parents are there to facilitate a strong bond between a child and the child's family. Treatment, if any, occurs outside of the foster home. Foster parents are also supported by the children's case worker who completes monthly contact and supportive services in and out of the foster care setting.

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Foster Care Criteria

Family Stability

* Foster care homes must provide a stable home environment.

Philosophy Acceptance

* Embrace the goal of providing foster children with a positive, supportive, structured family system. Foster a strong relationship with the birth parents and provide a strong, supportive role. Utilize respite.

Reference Checks

* References are obtained by schools, counselors, and physicians among others.

Past Performance (for Treatment Foster Care)

* History of positive performance, positive evaluations, and no unacceptable disruptions.


The agency will provide or ensure:

  • Ongoing training
  • Mileage reimbursement for visits more than one county away
  • Clothing vouchers
  • Ongoing support

Fostering Principles

  • Mentoring families in a time of need.
  • Caring for children during a hard time in their lives and who are in need of support.
  • Building stronger families in our community.
  • Including birth parents in all information and appointments.

Traditional Foster Care

Treatment Foster Care