Assisting families, parents, and children in becoming stable and self-sufficient is an underlying goal of Children Services. Other services are available to help these specific groups individually. Specifically the Independent Living program helps youth ages 16-18 learn skills to become self-sufficient and productive adults. It also can assist youth ages 18-21 who have emancipated from foster care get on their feet. The Kinship Connection program is designed to assist families who are caring for children who are not theirs by birth, but are grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings, or even close family friends. The Strengthening Families program provided by Children Services aims to minimize adolescent problem behaviors by reducing family-related risk factors. Another service available to familes, provided at specific locations, is Safe Havens for Newborns. This is a service that allows for birth parents who are not ready to raise a child to safely abandon the newborn.

Independent Living Program

Kinship Connection

Parenting Help

Safe Haven for Newborns