Report Welfare Fraud

Do you know of someone committing welfare fraud in Crawford County?

Help us catch those who are taking advantage of Ohio's programs that assist needy Ohioans. If you suspect or have knowledge of fraud being committed in Crawford County, you can make an anonymous report in one of the following ways. The information you supply will be kept in strict confidence.

What is the Fraud Investigation Unit?

The Crawford County JFS Fraud Investigation Unit provides an avenue for individuals to report fraud, waste, and abuse within CCJFS programs and operations. We handle allegations regarding violations of law or regulations affecting CCJFS programs and operations.

What Should I Report to the Fraud Investigation Unit?

A variety of situations may be considered fraud in CCJFS programs. Some frequent examples include but are not limited to the following:

An individual or individuals receiving public assistance such as Food Stamps, Ohio Works First (cash assistance), Childcare, or Medicaid:

  • Conceals employment or fails to report employment while receiving benefits.
  • Fails to report unearned income such as, but not limited to, Child Support, Social Security benefits, SSI benefits, Unemployment Compensation or settlements and inheritances.
  • Receives benefits for a child not under their care or an adult not living in the household.
  • Conceals their marriage or assets of their spouse from CCJFS while receiving benefits.
  • Fails to report a parent or legal guardian of a child residing in the home as living in the household.
  • Participates in Food Stamp trafficking.
  • Resides outside of Crawford County and is receiving benefits from CCJFS.
  • Fails to notify CCJFS of the death of a case member and continues to receive and utilize the benefits of the deceased.

What Should I not Report to the Fraud Reporting System?

Many serious crimes can occur hand in hand with welfare fraud. It is important to realize that many of these are beyond the scope of CCJFS and the CCJFS Fraud Unit specifically. The serious nature of these crimes dictates the intervention and involvement of Law Enforcement professionals or other trained personnel in their resolution.

  • Allegations of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking. Reports involving crimes of this nature should be made to the Crawford County Sheriff's Dept. or the local police department.
  • Allegations of Child Abuse or Neglect. Reports of this nature should be directed to Crawford County Children Services at 419-563-1570.
  • Allegations of Welfare Fraud not occurring in Crawford County. Reports of Welfare Fraud occurring in other counties should be made to the county in question or to the main Ohio Department of Job and Family Services webpage at

How Do I Contact the Fraud Investigation Unit?

Crawford County Job and Family Services provides numerous convenient ways to report welfare fraud occurring in our county. The following are all viable methods of fraud reporting and each will insure that your referral is investigated in a professional, thorough and timely manner.

US Mail: Crawford County JFS, 224 Norton Way, Bucyrus, OH 44820

Fax: 419-562-2018

Telephone: 1-800-761-0773 or 419-562-0773

Click here for our Report Fraud Form.

Send the completed form to:
Fraud Investigation Benefit Recovery Unit
224 Norton Way
Bucyrus, OH 44820

In addition to the above methods, walk-in appointments are welcome at the 224 Norton Way, Bucyrus, OH 44820.

What Do I Need to Know When Contacting the Fraud Investigation Unit?

To act on your allegation, we need you to provide as much identifying information as possible regarding the suspect and the details of what occurred. The more you can tell us, the better chance we have of determining whether fraud has been committed. Your information should include the following:

  • Who committed the Fraud? (Include Suspect Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone Number)
  • What exactly did the suspect do?
  • Where did the fraud take place?
  • When did it happen?
  • How was the fraud committed?


  • Fraud referrals may be made anonymously!
  • The identity of the individuals providing referrals will remain confidential.
  • Because of confidentiality laws, we are not able to inform or respond to your about the outcome or specifics of a case, but you may be assured that all reports are investigated.

We appreciate your assistance in helping to stop abuse of Ohio's welfare programs.